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Fig DP1732- DP1732M- DP1732L Companion Valves - Suitable for male-ended DPCV

DP1732, DP1732M & DP1732L - DP1732- Standard Flow DP1732L- Low Flow DP1732M- Medium Flow ~Has an integral tapping point for the impulse tube to link with the Hattersley DPCV. ~Positive flow control at all handwheel settings. ~Easy to operate with Double Regulating handwheel and numerical position indicator. ~Manufactured using WRAS Approved materials. ~Can be used plugged, as supplied, for PN25 applications or with an impulse tube for PN16 applications
Product Information

Pressure/Temperature Rating

PN16 (unplugged)/ PN25 (plugged)
PN16 (unplugged) from -10 to 30 degrees
PN25 (plugged) from -10 to 100 degrees

DP1732, DP1732M & DP1732L